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HuchStar is focused on Vendors who give's us project on Software and Web Design, development, Search Engine Optimization, Web marketing, E-Commerce, Multimedia Solutions, Content writing, Graphic and Logo design. We have a team of highly capable and talented web consultants, creative designers, content writers, programmers and web marketing professionals who know how to deliver results. Our team members are not just IT professionals but have decent communication skills with vendors, which effort in cycle with their needs and requirements.

Our Team

director & founder

What can we say about him? His main strength is his Team.

Technical Expert

senior developer

He is a Web Developer, with an experience of 6 years. He is cool and calm person and always has the solution for each and every problem, that's why he is called by everyone “Prashant Bhaiya”.


Mr. Apurbo Mitra, is an amazing person with his own attitude, he has an experience of almost 3 years. Whenever we ask him regarding the work, he has the simplest answer for it “Sir hojaayega bus dekhna hai kaise hoga”.

senior app developer

He is an amazing person, with an experience of almost 8 years. He is a real punjabi guy, always in a party mood and has a smile on his face which can't let anyone down.

senior ai & ml developer

Mr. Raj Gupta is pure from his heart and has an experience of almost 3 years. He has his own world with full of AI and Super Heros.

Graphics Expert

senior graphic designer

His ideas of visualization is on another level. He has an experience of 11 years blessed with extraordinary thinking power and skills. His aim is that everything should be perfect, so just because of his aim this bossy head scolds everyone and make everything perfect.

Creative Expert

creative conceptualizer & marketing

She is the first lady who gets conneted with this organization with an experience of 13 years. She is totally classy . She has an amazing creativity and perfect skills.

creative conceptualizer & content writer

She has pure heart, She helps everyone and her way of talking is amazing. The skills of her writting is on another level. She can manage the special characters in a proper way while writing.


His behaviour is like a child. He has 1 year of experience in marketing. He likes to do what he likes & nothing else can change his mind when he doesn’t like something. That's what he is Mr Aditya Mishra


Huchstar is an IT Solution hub... All kind of IT Services are beeing done in one Roof. We serve every small to big IT services.

web hosting

We provide website hosting service.

website designing / developement

Designing and Developement by HuchStar.


Designing and Developement of emailer.

software developement

Done by HuchStar.

app developement

Smartphone App Developement for Android and IOS


Online Business Software is beeing Developed here.

ai & ml

Smart Developement


Smart Device Developement


Everyone need to Analyse everything.

digital marketing

Look into the future.

graphic designing

All type of Graphic Designing is done.

domain registration

All kind of domain is registered.

content writing

Content Writing for business growth.

database maintenance

Database Maintenance for growing business.

ui / ux

Designing with great Visualization and with finning.

QR code generation

All kind of QR code is beeing created.

payment gateway

All kind of payment gateway is being enabled in website's or software.

amc service

AMC Service is being done here.

gallery & projects

The rapid handle injects into the bashful lift.

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we are vendors of

List of Vendors.

DWD Aries IT Pustak OnFleek Mrig

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Seekna Pan Gali, Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, India - 204101

Branch Office

4th Floor, B-135, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India - 201301

Huchstar, Seekna Pan Gali, Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, India - 204101

4 Floor, B-135, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India - 201301

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